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New car sales fall in April in the face of rising costs and interest rates

Average price of a new vehicle was over $36,000 last month

The average price of a new vehicle was over $36,000 last month.

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Seventies super-salesman challenges new car-sales record

Joe Girard won't let his Guinness record go down without a fight

It took 44 years to beat Joe Girard.

Hurricane recovery helps drive September car sales

GM in particular benefits, with its supply approaching stated goals

DETROIT, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Major automakers on Tuesday posted higher U.S. new vehicle sales in September as consumers in hurricane-hit parts of the country replaced flood-damaged cars, extending a rally in their shares that began when Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas in late August. Analysts and industry consultants had predicted hurricanes Harvey and Irma would provide automakers with their first monthly gains in 2017. Sales had been weak after a strong run since 2010 that culmin

Zombie cars: 7 discontinued vehicles that aren't dead yet

They are still showing up as new sales, even one model discontinued in 2014

Even after cars are discontinued, new unsold ones still show up in sales. We look at the worst-selling cars that are already dead.

Harvey to drive vehicle sales: 500,000 may need to be replaced

DETROIT — Tropical Storm Harvey is likely to briefly depress already-slowing U.S. auto sales, but will eventually boost demand as damaged cars are replaced, analysts said on Tuesday. The catastrophic flooding in Houston, the fourth-largest U.S. city, could mean 2 percent fewer vehicles will be sold in August than previously expected, according to Edmunds.com. ​"In subsequent months we'll likely see a slight localized bump in sales as the recovery takes hold and people are ab

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3 Quick Tips To De-Stink Your Car | Autoblog Details

These 3 tips can help you remove those funky smells from your interior cabin.

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Clean These 5 Spots Before Selling Your Car | Autoblog Details

Cleaning these 5 spots are critical to a quick sale. Find out how on this episode of Autoblog Details.

Wal-Mart is going to start selling cars

Sort of.

Now they really have everything at Wal-Mart.

Tesla misses 2016 delivery target by about 4,000 units, but builds more than ever

Total 2016 deliveries were 76,230.

Despite the miss, we should see 2016 as a success for Tesla.

Stars Selling Cars
Method Man sells used cars for us... Tiger style | Stars Selling Cars

Will this Wu Tang alum triumph on the lot?

Method Man goes undercover as a car salesman and tries to sell used cars to unsuspecting buyers.

Stars Selling Cars
We hired James Van Der Beek to sell used cars undercover | Stars Selling Cars

And he brought his own disguises.

James Van Der Beek goes undercover as a car salesman on the premiere episode of Stars Selling Cars.

New car sales will slow down in May, say analysts

Analysts trim forecasts in a sign that record new car sales might be cooling off.

Auto sales return to torrid pace, on track for 17.4m units

Sales get a boost in April after languishing in March.

Sluggish car sales in March appear to be a one-month anomaly. In April, automakers returned to the record-setting sales pace they've enjoyed for the better part of a year.

Ford rakes in record $2.5b profit during Q1 of 2016

Company more than doubles profit while overall auto sales resume torrid pace.

Ford posted record profits in the first quarter of 2016, the company announced Thursday. Chief financial officer Bob Shanks said Ford enjoyed its best quarterly performance in history, generating operating profits of $3.8 biliion and a record profit margin of 9.8 percent.

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March 2016: Cracks In The Sales Armor Edition

Is it all downhill from here?

Auto sales fell short of projections in March of 2016, leading some to believe the market has peaked and we're on the way back down to normal levels.

Industry will reach 'peak auto' in 2016, but trouble ahead

One More Year Of Record Car Sales Before Market Cools

​There's never been a better time to be in the business of selling cars. But a six-year streak of increased auto sales may soon come to an end.

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Crossovers lead industry's chase for all-time sales record

With One Month Remaining, Sales On Pace To Top 18 Million In 2015

Cheap credit and cheaper gas prices are continuing to fuel one of the greatest sales runs in automotive history.

Volkswagen sales take a beating amid cheating scandal

Sales In United States Plunge 25 Percent In November

Car shoppers took notice of Volkswagen's flagrant emissions cheating. In November, Volkswagen sales plunged nearly 25 percent in the United States, according to data released Tuesday morning.

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October 2015: Such Great Heights Edition [UPDATE]

It's looking more and more like 2015 will turn into a record year for new car sales in the United States, with projections topping 18 million.

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