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We furiously count down the best 51 car movies since 1966.

We chronicle the 51 best car movies since 1966, with one more for good luck. Everything from the Fast and Furious movies to Herbie the Love Bug is here.

Mid-engine van plus Model T equals great off-road adventure

All Cars Go To Heaven 2 details the 819-mile off-road adventure of The Smoking Tire crew piloting a couple of beaters and two Fords built a century apart.

Sony readying Gran Turismo movie with 50 Shades producers [w/poll]

Video game franchises turned into Hollywood blockbuster movies have certainly come a long way since the days of Super Mario Bros. and Double Dragon, yet each new adaptation still gives us pause as moviegoers. Even so, we're prepared to momentarily suspend our cynicism upon learning that Sony is readying a Gran Turismo big-screen treatment, following on the heels of

Movie Review: Black Air: The Buick Grand National Documentary

As Buick currently claws and scratches its way back into relevance to compete against luxury brands like Lexus and Acura, it's hard to believe that not too long ago, the brand had a car that was mentioned in the same breath as Corvette, Lamborghini and Ferrari. That car? None other than the

Hammond and May tease Top Gear at the Movies

Richard Hammond and James May – two of the stars of Top Gear in the UK – have teamed up to film a short trailer on YouTube for an upcoming DVD based on the television show. Naturally, the video revolves around cars, but there's a unique twist: the video is said to celebrate the most memorable automotive moments in cinema history.

Rotten Tomatoes rates top 50 movie cars

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