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Consumers are spending far more for new trucks than they expected

Consumers are spending far more for new trucks than they expected

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We've got 5 tips to help you out

We've got 5 tips to help you out.


Researchers say new- and used-car buyers need more education

Researchers say new- and used-car buyers need more education.


From "APR" to "Trim Level" and everything in between

From APR to Trim Level and everything in between.


Analysts predict 'bad news for consumers,' 'downward cycle' for automakers

Analysts predict 'bad news for consumers' and a 'downward cycle' for the industry.


Orange and green also did well, but stay away from gold

So you're buying a boring-old silver or black car because you figure those muted "colors" will help its resale price, eh? Well, as it turns out, going fun and bright might be a better call. Used-car search engine site ISeeCars.com recently analyzed more than 2.1 million sales of used cars from the 2014 model year and found wide variances in depreciation rates based on the color of the paint finish. Yellow cars held their values the best and depreciated 27 percent during the first three years of


American-made is one thing, union-made is quite another.

Buying an American-made car is easy. Buying one made by union workers, well that's a little trickier.


The value of new vehicles sold climbed more than $1 billion compared to January 2017.

It's thanks to crossover, SUV, and truck sales.


Add that to the lengthened loan terms, and car buyers rolling loan balances over get deeper in debt with each purchase.

Edmunds reports that nearly a third of trade-ins on new car purchases in 2017 were underwater.

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Being familiar with the lingo could help get you a better deal.

Incentives are more common during seasonal sales or are offered on slower-selling models. They encourage the dealer to make room for new inventory.

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Some say new cars are for suckers.

Straight purchase price doesn't tell the entire story.

Car Buying

Not all monthly payments are created equal.

New car leasing offers reasonable monthly payments, often with minimal down-payments.


Take a look and see where all 24 automakers rank in the American Consumer Satisfaction Index.

You’ve found a car you love, and it’s a great price.

A popular imported luxury vehicle, the Lexus comes in a variety of vehicle types, including sedans, convertibles, SUVs, and hybrids.

Bankruptcy does not have to mean the end of the world for you financially.


Beware women drivers, they do their research.

When the time comes to get rid of your car, there are no shortage of options available to you.

New cars rarely give you a hint about their long-term reliability.

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