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Looking for a great car alarm? Here are 4 of our favorites

Don't leave your vehicle unprotected

Don't leave your vehicle unprotected.

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Remote car starters | Autoblog's 5 favorites

Warm up your car in the winter with way less annoyance

Looking for the best remote car starter to warm your car up once winter rolls around? Here is a list of some of our favorites.

Car Alarm Symphony prank sets off 100 sirens in parking lot [w/poll]

We're typically big fans of the crew at Improv Everywhere. The group's lighthearted antics bring unexpected smiles to the most unlikely of places, but their latest stunt may have gone a bit too far for some of us on staff. The group wrangled around 100 cars and parked them in a lot in Staten Island. Then, the owners were instructed to actuate the panic button on their key fobs from a hidden location, resulting in a "Zach Bowman

CES 2008: Autopage lets you start your car from ANYwhere

Ever been sitting in a cafe in, say, Paris, and wanted to impress your new French friends by starting your car back in the States remotely? No, neither have we, but if the opportunity ever arises, Autopage can make it happen.