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The #1 Car Detailing Mistake | Autoblog Details

Find out how overtouching happens and how to avoid it today on Autoblog Details!

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6 Quick Tips For A Cleaner Interior | Autoblog Details

Keeping your interior clean is easier than you might think. Follow these tips to keep your car looking new all year round.

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To Paint Or Not To Paint | Autoblog Details

But how do you know when to compound paint, touch up, or go to a body shop? Find out today on this Autoblog Details.

Top 10 Car Washing Tools | Autoblog Details

Don't cause problems when trying to clean your car

These 10 tools will help you minimize scratching, clean deeper, and spend less time on your Sunday car wash.

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Streak-Free Windshield | Autoblog Details

With these quick steps your windows will be streak free in no time.

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Top 3 Car Washing Mistakes | Autoblog Details

Here are the top 3 car washing mistakes we can avoid and their simple solutions.

Montana driver fails spectacularly at exiting car wash

There are driving fails, and then there is this.

Tesla may offer $40 car washes at Superchargers

Bay Area car-wash company says its products can clean a car with just one cup of water.

It's the service you didn't know you wanted.

Man fends off carjackers with car wash pressure sprayer

A simple car wash turned ugly for a Louisiana man when he was jumped by carjackers while washing his car.

How to wash your paint properly | Autoblog Details

Almost every car on the road has some type of swirls or fine scratches in the paint. Here's how to wash and dry your car's paint properly to avoid these marks.

How to rinseless wash your car | Autoblog Details

With water restrictions and conservation around the world, waterless or rinseless car washes have become more popular. But is it safe and do they cause scratches in your paint? Find out on this episode of Autoblog Details.

How to wash your car in 15 minutes | Autoblog Details

If your car's just a bit dusty, here's how to clean it super-quickly

Here's how to wash your car quickly and properly in just 15 minutes, without having to break out the tools and buckets.

Volvo wants to help Californians save water with dirty cars

Volvo announces it is making Consciously Clean, a waterless car cleaning solution, available for free from Volvo San Diego and other dealers nationwide.

Why a pro carwash is more eco-friendly than scrubbing your ride in the driveway

Getting your car washed in this wintry season and worried about the environment? Well, turns out a professional wash might just be best.

Bear witness to the world's largest carwash

The classic stereotype about Germans is that they are very fastidious with a preference for making things efficient, clean and well engineered. Stuttgart, home to Porsche and Mercedes-Benz , has another business in the city could show off a little of the country's perceived national character: Mr. Wash. The world's largest carwash, Mr. Wash is so spectacular that its Chris Bruce

Jenson Button and his pit crew start a car wash

It's no secret that the average Formula One pit crew present a master class in precision and speed. Of course, those talents are only really on display during pit stops, when they're basically just changing tires or making tiny adjustments. Considering this, it's fair to wonder how they'd do in something a bit more... soapy.

Watch this adorable 2-year-old freak out over her first car wash

Unless you yourself are a parent – and even then – being forced to watch videos of other people's kids is a special kind of torture. But every once in a while we come across a clip that makes us smile instead of scowling or rolling our eyes. This is one of those clips.

Rémi Gaillard drops in on car wash for new movie trailer

Rémi Gaillard, the Frenchman famous for his real-life Mario Kart videos, and most recently featured on these humble digital pages for portraying a living, breathing speed camera, is back with his latest video.

Car Wash Damages Classic Car

Owner denied liability for the deep scratches

A California man took his vintage 1974 Volkswagen Beetle to a drive thru car wash and left with a little less on the bumper.

Wash a car in your driveway? You might get a ticket

Would-be car washer receives visit from Garden City, N.Y. cops

Two men are about to wash their car in their driveway. Quick, somebody call the police.

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