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Nissan Mississippi workers vote heavily against unionization

Nissan said, "They have rejected the UAW and chosen to self-represent, continuing the direct relationship they enjoy with the company."

UAW invokes civil rights movement in bid to unionize Nissan plant

The United Auto Workers continues to pursue the unionization of a foreign automaker's plant in the U.S. and has redoubled its efforts on the Nissan facility in Canton, Mississippi. According to Reuters, the union plans to paint the organization effort as "the civil rights battle of the 21st century." Gary Casteel, one of the UAW'

Nissan's Mississippi plant is chief UAW target

Historically, automotive plants in the South have been impervious to efforts by organization drives by the United Auto Workers. In 2001, the UAW was rejected two-to-one by Nissan workers at its Smyrna, Tenn. plant. And in 2005 and 2007, the UAW failed to get enough interest at Nissan's plant in Can