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Driver in massive F1 crash wonders if Halo would have helped

​Fernando Alonso's accident will be a good test case for fully understanding any downsides to the introduction of the Halo in Formula 1, say leading figures.

Red Bull reveals proposed new F1 canopy design

Red Bull has released the first official images of its proposed canopy solution, that it plans to test on a Formula 1 car next month.

Raikkonen tests F1 Halo cockpit system

Kimi Raikkonen became the first driver to test the new halo closed cockpit concept during Formula 1 testing at Barcelona in Spain on Wednesday.

Red Bull offers canopy solution as F1 teams meet to explore Halo

Red Bull Racing has submitted a design study for a canopy alternative to the Halo F1 cockpit protection option currently preferred by the FIA.

F1 considers adding canopy to 'Halo' closed cockpit design

Formula 1's plans for a new 'Halo' closed cockpit, which is coming in 2017, may include the addition of a clear panel for even more driver protection.