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When the Canadian Loonie reached parity with the U.S. dollar a few weeks ago, consumers north of the border began to fully grasp how much more they are paying for automobiles nearly identical to those sold in the U.S. The Loonie has increased in value further since then, and the price disparity is now even more pronounced. Porsche was the first automaker to respond by lowering the retail prices of its entire lineup in Canada, but more mainstream automakers have been hesitant to change the MSRP o

Last month we became very interested in the plight of Canadian consumers after witnessing first hand the disparity between the price of automobiles in their country and the U.S. The disparity became crystal clear when the Canadian Looney and U.S. dollar spent some time at parity, which revealed that, for instance, a Lincoln Navigator starting at $47,755 in this country goes for $76,299 in Canada. The range of disparity varies from car to car, but it's there on every model sold in the Great White