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If I've given the impression that I've come down hard on ethanol in many of my posts, then let the ethanol king from Canada set me straight. Ken Field is chairman of GreenField Ethanol, the leading producer of ethanol up north. He drives an Escalade and believes himself to be an environmentalist. He claims ethanol offers equal fuel economy equal to gasoline and only a 15-20 percent drop on the highway (I disagree). He says he needs subsidies to survive (I agree). Enough scorekeeping. You can rea

The Canadian government is giving local communities a hand in figuring out whether or not an ethanol production facility makes financial sense for them. Canadian Federal and Provincial governments unveiled a template last week that is a business model showing the costs and benefits of building an ethanol plant and a feedlot. The model features a 20-million liter ethanol facility with a 20,000-head of cattle feedlot. The computer model features over 800 variables, so the community leaders can und

Both diesel and regular petroleum gasoline sold in Canada will soon contain at least five percent renewable oil, the federal government committed to recently. Now, the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) has announced how they're going to help the country reach this goal. The CRFA's plan was developed with input from farmers, agribusiness, fuel producers and consumers, according to CRFA executive director Kory Teneycke. Unsurprisingly, the plan focuses on producing and using more ethanol