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Following the lead of the U.S., Canada has chosen to employ a fuel economy regulation program for the first time ever, and the numbers are virtually identical to ours. The differences between the two countries' programs are so minute that you could essentially say Canada copied our new Corporate Average Fuel Economy guidelines that require automakers to achieve a fleet average fuel economy of around 35 mpg by 2016. Prior to this, Canada had some emissions guidelines, but didn't require complianc

In a lot of places (Pennsylvania, for example, or California), there is a move towards passing new laws that affect tailpipe emissions or fleet standards. But why write new laws when there's already one on the books? This is the situation in Ottawa, Canada where old laws (specifically the 1981 Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption Standards Act, along with pieces of other existing legislation including the Canadian Environmental Protection Act) were reintroduced last week as the Clean Air Act by a Cons