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The tight grip that camels have traditionally held on oil-free driving in the sandy lands of the United Arab Emirates may be loosening. Although those iconic ships-of-the-desert have long held sway for those who did not want to be beholden to oil companies, vehicles from Tesla Motors may soon begin impinging on their turf. Not only is Tesla in talks to supply sedans to act as beasts of burden, carrying visitors and their baggage about, but they may also be getting a toe-hold in another historic

Elevated gas prices resonate in strange ways. Sure, while the average commuter might now consider alternatives like public transit or carpooling to ease the sting at the pump, the repercussions of high fuel costs are felt globally -- and not just by the average cubicle-dwelling workerbee. Take India, for example. Financial Times reports that in the state of Rajasthan, farmers are looking to the camel as a replacement for fuel-swilling tractors. As a result, demand for the animals is up, as is th