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Wagons West: Domestics picked up market share in California last year

Most days, California must seem like Kazakhstan for the Big Three. Domestic products aren't so popular out West, where Toyota and Honda have long stood atop the sales charts. But not in 2011.

Report: California lawmakers lose their state-owned cars

California lawmakers will soon be on the hunt for cheaper wheels thanks to new legislation. A perk of their job was a publicly-funded ride, costing taxpayers an average of $7,300 per year per vehicle. Now, the lawmakers will have to make do with a $300 monthly transportation allowance.

Report: Automakers struggle to find balance between CA policymakers and state's buyers

It's a classic dichotomy – automakers need to build both the kinds of cars consumer want to buy and also the kinds of cars the policymakers tell them they have to build. All too often, those two segments don't exactly meet in the middle. Such is seemingly the case in California, where the Global Warming Solutions Act will soon force automakers that wish to remain in business in the far left state to drastically lower carbon emissions while also producing significant numbers of zero emissio