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West Virginia Researches Found Anomalies In May 2014

Fallout from Volkswagen's revelation that it engaged in cheating on emissions testing continued Monday, with the company's stock falling more than 15 percent and a Congressional subcommittee announcing an investigation into the German auto giant's conduct.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB), in coordination with six local air districts,* is offering $106 million in funds to assist qualified diesel semi truck owners with upgrades, retrofits or replacements of their rigs in an effort to reduce emissions.

Anyone that has ever climbed into a car on a sunny day is familiar with the greenhouse effect. The interior of the car is typically much hotter than the ambient temperatures outside, sometimes as much 20-30 degrees F more. As a result, drivers (unless they have the new 2010 Prius with solar roof option) often crank up the air conditioning to make the interior bearable, a habit that puts more load on the engine and increases fuel consumption. The California Air Resources Board wants to address th

The California Air Resources Board this week approved $700,000 in grants for demonstration projects to evaluate clean air technology. Advanced Transit Dynamics, Eaton and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District will each receive over $200,000 for projects. Eaton will build a package delivery van using a hydraulic series hybrid system it has developed. Similar systems have also been developed and tested by several other companies. UPS has been running several series hybrid vans for more than tw

Ever since the Chevrolet Volt appeared as a concept last year, debate has been hot and heavy over exactly what it is. Although many call it a hybrid because it has a battery and an engine, GM prefers to call it an extended range-electric vehicle (ER-EV). That poses a problem for GM when it comes to emissions and fuel economy testing. With its 40 mile electric only range the Volt could complete the US06 test cycle that is part of the current EPA test regimen without ever running its engine. So fa

If the California Air Resources Board (CARB) passes the legislation that it is currently considering, getting your hands on a PHEV conversion, like the one recently created by Hymotion, might be a bit more difficult. Whether or not this is a bad thing depends on your point of view. Those looking to add a plug-in module to their Prius in order to use as little gas as possible might be paying a few more bucks for the conversion, as the pending legislation would force the manufacturer to go through