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Whether you've been waiting for ten years or ten days, when you decide to make the switch to an electric vehicle, time can seem to drag by. For years, we've known that the end of 2010 would finally bring us the first example of mass-production plug-in vehicles from major OEMs but that didn't make the wait any easier. With the first deliveries of the first (non-celebrity) Nissan Leaf and the first Chevy Volt sold, that time is finally here. For people like CalCars founder Felix Kramer (pictured,

Pushed by talk in Congress about possibly giving incentives to taxpayers for converting standard hybrids to plug-in hybrids, Toyota today announced their reasons for not supporting PHEVs. In a memo written by Charles E. Ing, Director, Government Affairs Toyota Motor North America, and posted over at pro-PHEV advocates CalCars, Toyota says that, "PHEV converters should comply with existing standards governing second stage manufacturers, if applicable, and, NHTSA and EPA should be required to esta