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Fractalspin, the cyber outlet for all things geek, is currently offering one of the manliest keychains ever. What might appear to the casual observer to be just some geometric sculpture, is in fact the male testosterone molecule. Sure the ladies have testosterone as well, but it is principally known as the male sex hormone. For those of us a little rusty on our high school biology, the Fractalspin description tells us that testosterone "plays key roles in health and well-being, including enhance

The hourly doses of double shots of espresso have now worn off and I can look back and reflect on my first North American International Auto Show as a member of the media. I've attended this show many times before during the supplier previews and also during the public days, but this was a whole different experience. We had a team of seven writers from Autoblog and AutoblogGreen, madly photographing, writing, editing, selecting, uploading and then heading back down to the show floor for the next

Aside from the next-gen Camaro, this is a concept some of us want to see in production as soon as possible.