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Guess Honda's recently opened hydrogen fueling station in the UK will see some use after all.

Having collated and analyzed 12 months of data from electric vehicle drivers, CABLED – the UK's long-term, low-carbon vehicle trial – reveals that, among other findings, the "range of electric vehicles more than covers most users' needs, with most drivers finishing their daily journeys still with over 40 percent charge remaining." Here's a rundown of some of the result from CABLED:

The first three-month period of an electric vehicle trial in the UK is complete and it turns out the fleet of of 25 Mitsubishi iMiEVs has been running an average of 23 miles a day and have been parked 97 percent of the time. The majority of individual trips were under five miles, making electric vehicles an ideal choice as long as there is somewhere to plug them in and keep them charged. During the three months from January to March 2010, the cars were used by drivers throughout their speed rang