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Remember the road that played the William Tell Overture when driven over at 55 mph? The Honda marketing ploy kept neighbors awake at night, so the city paved over it. Now, in another great example of "small town comes up with oddball tourist attraction," the city of Lancaster, California got hundreds of phone calls requesting they save the road. So not only has the city devoted $35,000 to putting the road in another location, they've even been approached by other companies that want to subsidize

California recently banned talking on cellphones, and then followed up by making texting illegal, while driving. For a moment there, it was looking like all you were going to be able to do behind the wheel in California was, you know, drive. But thanks to the dedication of Governor Schwarzenegger, individual freedoms have not been extinguished. Promising to only sign bills that are "the highest priority for California," Arnie vetoed a bill that would ban driving with dogs in your lap.

We told you there are concerns Tata Motor's Nano will drive up oil prices. What does Tata chairman Ratan Tata think about this? In the first video below the fold, Ratan laughs it off. We told you Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, former Shell chairman said low MPG cars should be banned. Want to see Mark say that in his Prius? Check out the second video below the fold. We told Mitt Romney said he supported the Governator's right to get a waiver ... then Mitt took it back. Want to see Mitt's first position o

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, chimed in on the head of the EPA, Stephen Johnson's, decision to deny California's waiver request to regulate tailpipe emissions. Pelosi really disagrees with Johnson and supports an inquiry into the decision. Here is part of a letter to Stephen from Pelosi: