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Celebrate 60 years of Corvette by checking out these historical images

Following yesterday's introduction of the C7 Corvette that shows the car's future, Chevrolet has released a slew of images celebrating 60 years of the car's past. First introduced in 1953, the Corvette has evolved into a global sports car that is likely to be the star of this

Watch some drunk German football fans cheer on a parallel parker

Europeans, as we know, take their football (our soccer) seriously – it isn't until a team wins that their fans can stop being so focused and have some serious fun. Exhibit A: after the German national team beat Argentina in Euro 2012, some chaps still full of cheer (and beer, presumably) came upon this woman trying to slot her tiny Citroën C2 into an equally tiny parking spot. Naturally, they decided she could use a cheer of her own.

eBay Find of the Day: Neil Armstrong's '67 Corvette

How much would you pay for a derelict '67 Chevrolet Corvette with a 427? If you said about thirty grand, you'd be in the ballpark – but that would still be all the money in the world for a barn find like this 'Vette. The owner admits the car hasn't run in over 30 years and she (the car, not the owner) clearly needs to get involved in a serious relationship with a body man.

Beijing '08 Preview: Dongfeng Citroen C2 to wear Kappa threads

Click above for photo gallery of the Dongfeng Citroën C2 Kappa

Go PSA! Stop & Start will be standard soon

After PSA's announcement of taking things easy on diesel hybrids, it's at least good to know that they have decided to make the Start & Stop system available for the whole range of models. Nowadays, only certain versions of the Citroën C2 and C3 can be ordered with the Stop & Start system, a nifty fuel saver that shuts down the engine at traffic lights or when stuck in a traffic j

Mitsubishi Delica D:5 shows who's the ROADEST

Click photo for a gallery of the Mitsubishi Delica D:5 ROADEST