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What happens if VW can't fix its TDI diesel engines in America?

Historical precedent gives us the answer, and it may not be pretty.

If VW can't fix its diesels, they may go the way of the dodo and the '87-'90 Nissan Van.

FTC wants to protect TDI owners from buyback scams

Arm yourself with information before agreeing to any price for your TDI.

Stay vigilant and informed, VW TDI owners.

VW could buy back 115,000 diesel models in the US

VW may buy back around 115,000 of its polluting diesel models, and recalled vehicles could require lengthy repairs.

Tesla expands guaranteed resale value deal to Europe, Australia, Japan

Not Yet Available In China Or Hong Kong

Tesla announced today it is expanding its leased vehicle Resale Value Guarantee offer to Europe, Australia and Japan.

Tesla's vehicle buyback program could yield $368m profit in 2016

Good news, everyone. If we can manage set aside about $37,000 over the next couple of years, a Tesla Model S, a used one, will be ours. That's one of the findings in a Bloomberg Industries study on Tesla's financing, vehicle buyback and resale programs. Wit