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As we mentioned, on Bush's trip to Brazil last week, an agreement was reached between Brazil and the U.S. to share research and development opportunities. Announcing the deal, the two presidents spoke at a biofuels plant in Guaruhos. Brazilian President Lula said the partnership"is ambitious and aimed at all aspects related to the final incorporation of the energy plan of our two countries," (emphasis added) while U.S. president Bush kept the focus on research and development (and not, say, impo

Yahoo! News is using this image of anti-Bush protesters to illustrate their story of the President's visit to Brazil and the impending ethanol deal between that country and the U.S. So it's not just on AutoblogGreen that there's contention over the Decider's policies. But we all knew that already.

President Bush is in Russia, trying his best to resolve all the conflicts that have overtaken the agenda of the G8 meeting there. This morning he took four minutes to publicly meet with Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the two spoke briefly about biofuels and the WTO. Bush said he was "interested in continuing our dialogue about alternative energy" and Lula took off from there. "Another important thing is that we see that we will open up the possibility for us to build partnersh