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As we mentioned, on Bush's trip to Brazil last week, an agreement was reached between Brazil and the U.S. to share research and development opportunities. Announcing the deal, the two presidents spoke at a biofuels plant in Guaruhos. Brazilian President Lula said the partnership"is ambitious and aimed at all aspects related to the final incorporation of the energy plan of our two countries," (emphasis added) while U.S. president Bush kept the focus on research and development (and not, say, impo

OK, so the alternative energy part of the President's State of the Union speech went pretty much as expected tonight. He did say "global climate change", which drew plenty of applause, as did his call to reduce gasoline usage by 20 percent in the next ten years. Better fuel economy for cars and using more ethanol are the ways to do this, Bush said.

The new Democratic Congress will be sworn in tomorrow, and the annual ritual of the Presidential State of the Union speech will follow in a few weeks' time. Last year, the Decider-in-Chief said America was "addicted to oil." What will his environmental and energy message be this year?