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President Bush's call for climate the other day hasn't been very widely lauded. Oxfam America has issued one of the stronger criticisms, saying the plan "ignores reality." Echoing Sen. Barbara Boxer's (D-California) statement that the initiative was "worse than doing nothing," Oxfam says it "could make matters worse." Remember, details on just how Bush plans to halt greenhouse gas emissions growth in the U.S. by 2025 were not provided on Wednesday when the president announced the plan.

Bush rarely takes questions and even when he does, it's never about green transportation. Unbelievably, on Monday, Bush was asked about the impact of fuel efficiency on the gas tax and the impact of ethanol on feed costs. Bush admits we have to move away from the gas tax because of higher fuel efficiency and he seemed to support any new user fee. Here is the full quote of the fuel efficiency question and the answer:

Ahhh, the hypocritical politician (or ex-politician). He certainly is not a dying breed, is he? The latest green-car hypocrite is former governor Jeb Bush. According to the AP, Bush recently said he drives a "a Chrysler 300 with a big Hemi in it." Of course, that 17-25 mpg car can't use ethanol. And, let's tie this all together with the facts: Jeb Bush passed pro-ethanol legislation while he was still governor, worked to start (and co-chairs) the Interamerican Ethanol Commission, and called etha