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Out of control pickup crashes through city bus

Commuters in Syracuse, NY, got a nasty surprise when an out of control pickup truck barreled down a ramp embankment last month and crashed through their bus.

Passengers call 911 on bus driver after he causes a hit-and-run crash

A Boston area bus driver is under investigation after his passengers called 911 to report him for a hit-and-run with a parked car last week.

Bus crashes into home after being t-boned by a pickup truck

A neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas got quite a shake-up last month when a vehicle collision caused a city bus to crash through a resident's home.

North Carolina man saves fellow motorist from burning wreck

Intense footage of what happens immediately after a car crash.

Good Samaritans pull couple from burning car in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles couple is alive today thanks to the bravery and quick action of some Good Samaritans and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Did A Badly Written Law Cause This Crash Between Two Buses?

New Jersey DOT officials have yet to comment

Did a badly written law contribute to a collision between two buses on a New Jersey road last month? Police investigating the dramatic crash in the video above believe so.