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Burger King uses real-time data to deliver Whoppers to drivers in traffic

Have it your way, on your way

Have it your way, on your way.

Whopperitos and rental-car abuse | Autoblog Podcast #484

We talk rental-car olympics, Whopperitos, and of course the news, plus we spend someone else's money.

We tried the Whopperito, the burger that fits in your cup holder

There's a video. You can watch it instead of eating one yourself.

Burger King worker halts hamburglars by stealing their getaway car

Even though he admitted to it, we're sure police won't be charging a California man with grand theft auto since his actions helped foil a robbery that was in progress. According to ABC News, an unnamed employee of a Burger King in Stockton, CA snuck out the back when two men entered the store with guns and demanded money.

Jeep Twitter account hacked

Bad language, poor grammar and some hilarity ensue

Just a day after Burger King's Twitter account was compromised by "unauthorized users," Jeep's social media feed has been similarly hacked. Both instances of digital incursion share some similarities – the BK hackers changed the company's logo for McDonald's familiar golden arches, saying a sale had occurred, while the Seyth Miersma

New Energy to test MotionPower energy generator at Burger King drive-thru

We've seen plenty of devices that are meant to recapture the kinetic energy of an automobile as it moves overhead, most recently at a Sainsbury's supermarket in Gloucester, United Kingdom. Oddly enough, we'll soon see the technology at a Burger Ki