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It's not a surprise that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) would be backing a proposal that has the potential to lower the amount of damage vehicles sustain in crashes, and therefore lead to less costly repairs for insurers. What is surprising is the NHTSA's stubborn attitude about accepting outside suggestions. The proposal is simple enough; the IIHS recommends that trucks and cars use the same bumper standards for greater crash compatibility. Being cynical and following the mon

Come September 1, 2009, Canadian bumper standards will finally adhere to those in Europe and the United States, despite IIHS disagreeing on the matter. Canada's current standards have very strict low speed impact requirements. These damage protection standards often lead manufacturers to tack ugly padding on their bumpers. The unique standards can also be used as an excuse to keep many vehicles out of the Canadian market altogether. The costs necessary for manufacturers to meet and verify these