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Cadillac's on-again, off-again plan to replace the aging DTS and STS with one flagship product – which may or may not be known as the XTS – is reportedly back on track. According to Motor Trend, the original plan to use the Zeta platform of the Holden Commodore and Pontiac G8 has been shelved in favor a stretched version of Cadillac's own Sigma chassis that underpins the smaller CTS. If there's any truth to these rumors, we should expect to see the new Caddy for the 2012 model year.

The Buick Reatta a design flop? That's what a University of Michigan professor told The Wall Street Journal recently. Really? The Reatta is the one car that he could find to pick on as an automotive design flop? Sure, the high-tech coupe was overweight and underpowered, overpriced and under-appreciated. But a design flop? I think most of us would agree there are uglier, slower, more poorly-made cars in the history of automobiles. Our Dan Roth even called it a Future Classic not too long ago.

Click above for high-res gallery of the Buick Invicta Concept

On the eve of the Beijing Motor Show ,General Motors Chairman Rick Wagoner and Design VP Ed Welburn along with their Chinese colleagues unveiled the Buick Invicta concept. Your regular Autoblog team didn't make the trek to China for this show, but our cohorts at Autoblog Chinese showed up for GM's Premier Night party to check out what will be the replacement for the current LaCrosse. The car was revealed sitting on a pool of water, perhaps implying that it is Buick's messiah, standing by to brea

General Motors has just put a video featuring the designers of the new Buick Invicta concept discussing their new creation. The video is part of a series of "Studio Stories" episodes that GM has been producing over the past year. Exterior design lead Justin Thompson and other members of the team talk about the approach they took to create the concept that debuted at the Beijing Motor Show today. Although the Invicta is labeled as a concept this sleek four door is thought to be very close to the

Click above for high-res gallery of the Buick Invicta Concept

During a pre-Beijing Motor Show conference call today, Buick provided some more hints about the new Invicta concept that it will reveal this weekend in China. We've had a couple of teases about what to expect and won't actually be seeing any detailed images until Saturday, but what we do know now is that the Invicta (from the Latin for 'Invincible') is a four-door coupe following the current trend started by Mercedes with the sleek and sexy CLS. According to Buick designer Dave Lyons, getting a

General Motors has been enjoying some serious success in China with its range of Buick models, and it hopes to continue that trend with the unveiling of the Invicta concept at the Auto China show in Beijing. We've already seen one teaser shot of the Invicta in profile and this newest image (on the right) gives a faint hint of the front end. We messed with the image in Photoshop to draw out some of the fascia's details, but the only thing that's really obvious is the swooping, Saab-esque headlamp