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POLL: Should GM's upcoming Buick PHEV have a V6 engine?

2011 Buick PHEV 2-Mode Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery

Enter the Rumormill: upcoming Buick CUV may get 2-Mode hybrid powertrain

For all those weeping and gnashing their teeth over the loss of the 2-Mode Hybrid Saturn Vue, a ray of hope may be on the horizon from a seemingly unlikely source. According to a posting on GM-Volt.com, there's a possibility that an upcoming CUV from Buick could be granted acc

GM unloads pics and details of new Buick Business MPV

Buick Business MPV - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Shanghai 2009: Buick Business Concept hybrid comes to light

Buick "Business" MPV concept - Click above for a hi-res gallery

Buick Riviera concept features hybrid powerplant

click above image to view more shots of the Buick Riviera Concept

Want a Buick hybrid? Move to China, where the LaCrosse hybrid is coming soon

Writers for Winding Road are in China at the Shanghai Motor Show. They recently managed to get Chris Gubbey, Executive Vice President for GM Shanghai, to squeak about an announcement GM will soon make about Buick's first ever hybrid model. Don't go looking for it at American dealerships; the advanced powertrain is destined solely for the Chinese version of the LaCrosse.