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These little bugs can cause big problems for cars

If you live in a Gulf Coast state, you've seen the black clouds of mating love bugs. Dry summers have kept bug's numbers down the past few years, but more rain this year means more bugs -- and more problems -- for drivers.


The intersection of automobiles and art is always an interesting locale, and one french sculptor has spiced things up a bit with a Mercedes-Benz covered in flies. The premise sounds a bit shaky to be sure, but artist Natacha Mercier says the concept was inspired by something she witnessed back in 2007. While standing on a side street, she saw a BMW owner drive up, park and get out of the car. Clad all in white and with plenty of gold chains around his neck, the driver then proceeded to spit-poli

If you thought a bug flying into your windscreen was a simple annoyance, think again. A new survey from the UK claims that 650,000 motorists in the UK have crashed in the last year due to the pesky little critters making contact at high speeds with their windscreens.