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In addition to the return of the EcoXperience driving exhibit, the upcoming Detroit Auto Show will also feature Electric Avenue. The show organizers have just released the list of vehicles that will make up the Avenue, and there are some old friends and a few surprises. It looks like this:

The BugE is not the kind of vehicle that blends into the background. And, when it's right in front of you in a color scheme you've never seen before (I've only seen white ones) with dozens of signatures on the panels, you get curious and start asking around.

We introduced you to the BugE concept vehicle earlier this year, and at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo we finally got to see this strange beast in the metal. Not quite a car, more than a scooter, the BugE is one of the many entries in the city-commuter-use-only category of new vehicles. You can read the specs in our original post, and see what some kids think of the vehicle in the gallery below. Some say that smile is the "EV grin."

A top-down view of the BugE beautifully shows its '60s spacecraft aesthetic. This all-electric single-person EV is designed and built by Mark Murphy, and it's the rocketship view that greets you on the BugE's website main page, along with the line, "Earth for Earthlings." While the look is quaint/futurist, the name is a great play on "buggy", and all that's missing are the words "horse and". Right from the start you can tell the BugE is a non-traditional EV.