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Further evidence that Bugatti has a new product planned for its centenary celebration at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September comes by way of PistonHeads in the U.K., which offers up this image of the rear of what may or may not be a vehicle called the Bordeaux. Of course, before we pull this one completely out of the rumormill file, we'll need either official word from Bugatti or an actual picture of the party invitation that this car supposedly graces.

Mike Connor from Motor Trend apparently rubs elbows with all the right people, as his sources within the VW Group say that a second car for Bugatti developed under the title of Project Lydia is not going to happen, despite the rumor that we "cut-and-paste blogs" reported a few weeks ago (Thanks Mike, we think you're a big jerk, too). Project Lydia was supposed to be an extreme, track-focused version of the Veyron propelled by an even more powerful version of the brand's 8-liter quad-turbo W16 en