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Bugatti Galibier sedan put on hold because it's not outrageous enough

Bugatti builds truly outrageous automobiles that stretch our perceptions of performance and personal wealth. The Veyron currently serves as the automaker's only ambassador into the world of high-speed and exotic engineering. Bugatti executives are looking to add a second steed to the stable, and we believe the Galibier sedan would make a good fit.

Bugatti to build 1,000+ Galibier sedans starting next year?

What good is an automaker without an automobile? Bugatti is getting darn close to finding out, now that its solitary product – the all-conquering Veyron – is nearing the end of its production cycle. So what will the Alsatian marque do next?

REPORT: We may not see the Bugatti Bordeaux at Frankfurt show after all

Following the release of a couple of teaser images showing what was tipped as an upcoming new model from Bugatti, the automotive press has been all up in a frenzy speculating over the form that the highly anticipated new car will take. But while the conclusion was that the car would be Noah Joseph

Octophonic Sound? Second teaser of Bugatti Bordeaux surfaces

Further evidence that Bugatti has a new product planned for its centenary celebration at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September comes by way of PistonHeads in the U.K., which offers up this image of the rear of what may or may not be a vehicle called the Bordeaux. Of course, before we pull this one completely out of the rumormill file, we'll need either official word from Bugatti or an actual picture of the party invitation th

New Bugatti model teased in anniversary party invitation?

Could a new über-sedan be in the offing from Bugatti? Rumors of a more practical model from the Volkswagen-owned supercar maker have been swirling ever since the Veyron was introduced back in 2005, and the idea has merit since it would likely allow VW to recoup some of the massive development costs that surely went into creating the Veyron. Now, a lone still shot from what is supposedly an invitation to a party celebrating the automaker's first 100 years in business has the interwebs specul

Rumormill: Bugatti and Bentley join forces to battle Rolls-Royce

The whisperers have it that Bugatti may be borrowing from Bentley for a new sedan. What they can't seem to pinpoint is exactly what kind of sharing the two marques will be doing, and whether or not the resulting super Bug will be a supremely high-powered four-door to compete with the Rolls-Royce Phantom. If the two brands do indeed share something, like the next Arnage's platform, for instance, that migh