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In Bad Taste: Ecclestone calls Senna's death "good for F1"

Believe it or not, nobody has put a muzzle on Bernie Ecclestone yet. After having publicly praised the likes of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, the Formula One chief has made headlines once again by characterizing the death of Ayrton Senna as "good for F1."

Ayrton's nephew Bruno Senna up for F1 race seat next season?

Ayrton Senna is often regarded as the best racing driver that ever lived. But when he left McLaren – the team with which he won three World Championships – at the end of the 1993 season, he reportedly declared, "If you think I'm good, just wait until you see my nephew Bruno." That's quite an endorsement. The following season, Ayrton died at San Marino, and Formula One has been waiting for the return of the Senna name and legendary prowess ever since. According to the latest reports,

Aston Martin LMP1 debuts at Le Mans Series season-opener in Catalunya [SPOILER ALERT]

European Le Mans Series, Catalunya 2009 – Click above for image gallery

Honda strikes an Accord, may stay in F1 after all

With the start of the 2009 Formula One championship approaching, reports from the motorsport press are suggesting that Honda's F1 team may be starting this season after all. Honda had announced it was withdrawing from the sport after last season, leaving team leaders Nick Fry and Ross Brawn to look fo

Psych! Honda F1 not being bought by Mexican billionaire

Have you heard the one about the former F1 team that gets bought by the Mexican billionaire? Yeah, well, we heard it, too, and it's completely untrue. Not only has Carlos Slim has not bought Honda, but a spokesman makes clear that "There is no deal for the Honda team. There is neither agreement nor negotiations."

Honda F1 SOLD! to a man named Slim

According to La Stampa, Honda F1 has a buyer: Mexican telecom billionaire Carlos Slim Helu. Reports claim he paid the single dollar Honda was asking. He trumped Force India F1 owner Vijay Mallya, who was suspected to want the Honda team only for its tech know-how, and Prodrive's Dave Richards.

Senna wins at Monaco!

Bruno Senna drives in the second-tier GP2 series, from which the latest crop of F1 drivers have been plucked and in which Senna just scored his first victory of the season. And it wasn't just any track – it was in Monte Carlo, the same track where Ayrton won six times. Bruno practically led from pole, taking the lead from Pastor Maldonado, renowned for his pace at the Monaco track, and leading a flawless race all the way to the checkered flag – ahead of Maldonado and Senna's team