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Automakers seem to like working on making brownfields a little less brown. Chrysler is working with Michigan State University on growing biofuel crops on the dirty soil, and Ford needed to do a lot of cleaning up after itself at its Minneapolis-St. Paul-area Highland Park property. For another of Ford's brownfield projects, this one at the company's Fairlane Green retail and recreational development in Michigan, Ford won the national Phoenix Award for excellence in brownfield development this we

Chrysler and Michigan State University have just completed the second year of a five-year development program for growing biofuel feed-stocks. In this case however, there is no threat of competing with food sources. The company and university are growing a mix of corn, soy beans, switch grass, canola and sunflowers on a two-acre plot that is part of former superfund site in Rose Township, MI. The site belonged to a former supplier of Chrysler and was used as a dump in the 1970s. The crops are be