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Brooklands Museum: Delightful hodgepodge of British motor history

Vintage cars, motorcycles, aircraft and more featured at former racetrack

Brooklands Museum features classic vehicles, British aircraft and more

Say It Ain't So: Bentley issues recall over retractable hood ornament rust

Bentley Flying B – Click above for high-res image gallery

Be like James May and save the UK's fabled Brooklands circuit

2008 Bentley Brooklands and Old Number Two at Brooklands Race Circuit

Pebble Beach Week 2007: The beasts of Brooklands shake up Pebble

Exactly five score years ago, 200,000 tons of gravel and cement were arranged in a 2.75 mile, high-banked, egg-shaped loop in the English countryside. The land was was called Brooklands, and the track laid on it -- the first purpose-built race track in the world -- would share the same name. The speed limit throughout the land at the time was 20 mph, and racing on public roads outside of things like hillclimbs was forbidden. When Brooklands was completed, in June of 1907, there was a place where

Geneva Motor Show: Bentley has us at hello with Brooklands coupe

click above image to view 23 high-res images of the new Bentley Brooklands coupe