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Ethanol company Poet (formerly Broin) today announced something called Ingreenuity, a "new initiative to enhance the environmental performance of ethanol." The first step in the process is to decrease the amount of water it takes to make the biofuel down to

A few announcements came out this past week from large chemical and energy companies about their ongoing shift to biofuels. First, DuPont is working on making ethanol from corn stover with new partner Broin. Corn stover is the single largest source of low cost cellulose in this country, but cellulosic ethanol from corn stover is just part of DuPont's overall biofuel plan. Other aspects include: "rapidly developing differentiated seeds and crop protection products that will enable greater biofue

Biofuel news is all around us, and here's quick round-up of some biofuel production stories from around the country: