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Lithium battery recycling facility suffers explosions, fire

A big piece of the end-of-life plan for lithium batteries is recycling and there is only one place in North America currently capable of carrying out that procedure. That facility, owned and operated by Toxco Waste Management in southeastern British Columbia, experienced a large fire last Saturday after suffering through a series of explosions. The event, which happened after-hours, seems to have started in a lithium storage building and created an impressive fireworks display for about 45 minut

Zenn is now legal to drive on Canada's streets

Less than a week ago, we told you about a CBC report with Zenn complaining Transport Canada was not allowing its low speed vehicle to sold in Canada. The report included a regulatory enforcement engineer that explained they were not being allowed to be sold yet because they were going to change the law. Turns outs the idea of Lascelles Linton

B.C. minster eager to follow U.S. lead in biodiesel

British Columbia Agriculture Minister Pat Bell has called for a feasibility study for the first implementation of a biodiesel production facility in the Peace region of the western Canadian province.

Laughing at the price of gas

Electric car conversions are more frequent in British Columbia, since the release of the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"