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Police 'steal' valuables from unlocked cars to teach owners a lesson

Police in Connecticut are trying to teach forgetful drivers a lesson by grabbing any valuables they can see out of unlocked cars.

Hacker proves he can unlock a car's doors remotely [w/videos]

It used to be that all it took to steal a car was a slim jim and a deft hand. But as the recent hacks of models like the Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S shows, Chris Bruce

Thieves Break Into News Van During Live Report On Crime Wave

Van was parked in front of Oakland police headquarters

A reporter broadcasting live in front of a Oakland police headquarters in California about a crime wave became a victim herself when her purse was stolen out of the news van.

Sex Toys Stolen In Rash Of Car Break Ins

$500 worth of bachelorette party favors taken from trunk

A thief who broke into at least five cars in a suburban Oregon neighborhood made off with an unusual cache of items, over $500 worth of sex toys, novelties and clothing.

Mazda3 may be vulnerable to break-ins

We debated on posting this because we always seem to get nailed in the comments for advertising a new way to break the law, but we feel it's important information for Mazda3 owners and we're encouraged by Mazda's reaction to the situat