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MotoCzysz wins race, Brammo wins North American championship in multi-continental TTXGP

While you might have passed last weekend throwing shrimps on the barbie, the people involved with the TTXGP electric motorcycle racing series were busy. Like, three-races-on three-continents busy. To sum up the action; Team Segway Racing MotoCzysz dominated the final event on the North American TTXGP calender while Brammo put together enough points to become season champion, Domenick Yoney

An adventurer and his Brammo Enertia

Just because an electric bicycle gives off zero tailpipe emissions and does its part to save the planet doesn't mean it's going to protect the rider. A friend of a Wired reporter recently bought a Brammo Enertia ebike in Oregon and began a cross-country trip back to Atlanta. The rider, Nathan Abbott, knew that it would be a tough ride – the bike's range is a paltry 40 miles and the

VIDEO: Brammo rides Detroit to Washington, 40 miles at a time

Brian Wismann on the Brammo Enertia - Click above for high-res image gallery

Coming Soon: "The Anti-Scooter" from Brammo

What, exactly, is an Anti-Scooter? Well, that's a really good question, and we wish we had a good answer for you. Instead, all we have is rumor and innuendo... but that'll have to do for now. According to our friends at Asphalt and Rubber, Brammo is getting ready to launch its second two-wheeled electric vehicle, and it's known internally as the Anti-Scooter.

Proof in Pictures: Brammo Enertia in full production

Brammo Enertia electric motorcycles awaiting final assembly - Click above for high-res image gallery

Enertia now on display in select Best Buy locations, sales begin

Brammo Enertia TTR at Best Buy - Click above for high-res image gallery

VIDEO: Brammo shows off Enertia TTR bike for TTXGP

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Best Buy to sell a range of electric vehicles?

Brammo Enertia - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Electric Motorsport, Barefoot Motors show off TTXGP entries

Electric Motorsport GPR-S TTXGP bike - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Officially Official: TTXGP releases full list of participants

Click above to enlarge the rendering of the electric motorcycle from Motoczysz

Brammo Enertia to take part in TTXGP

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Brammo Enertia to be sold at select Best Buy locations in May

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Brammo gets funding for Enertia electric motorcycle

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