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Ford Announces Free Brake-Pad Offer If Customers Stop By Dealers

A set of Motorcraft brake pads for a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury, gets you get free replacements

Ford Motor Company is going beyond providing just basic maintenance for at least one part of its cars. As of now, if you buy a set of Motorcraft brake pads for a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury model, you get free replacements for as long as you own the vehicle.

Chevy puts out APB on missing Sonic brake pads, issues recall

We report on a lot of recalls, and most are seemingly innocuous defects that require the solar system to perfectly align before anything catastrophic could happen. Then there are recalls like this one for the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic that appear to be much more dangerous than they probably are.

Drop the Anchors: Washington State reportedly bans copper in brake pads to... save the fish?

Brake pads utilize copper because it helps dissipate heat, and keeping brakes cool is a very good thing. But every time a driver hits the brakes, tiny fragments of copper and other metals settle on the roads and surrounding areas. When it rains, that copper could end up in our waterways, polluting our water and potentially killing off wildlife.

Does brake dust affect a car's quality? J.D. Power thinks so (w/POLL)

When wheels are covered with brake dust, the entire car looks dirty and in many cases, a basic wash will do little to rectify the problem. Most associate brake dust as a mere nuisance, but others actually see the sight of pad particles as a fundamental problem with the functionality of a vehicle's brakes. That may sound a bit strange to some, but J.D. Power seems to agree that brake dust is indeed a quality problem.