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Brabham Automotive already working on a more affordable road car

Won't arrive for three years, no more than 200 built per year

Won't arrive for three years, no more than 200 built per year.

Brabham announces return to Le Mans, in its BT62 supercar

It will also race in the World Endurance Championship

The Brabham name has Le Mans history.

Brabham to make BT62 supercar road-legal

Conversion package costs another $190K but won't compromise car's track abilities

Conversion package costs another $190K but won't compromise car's track abilities.

Brabham BT62 throws down gauntlet to McLaren Senna

The track-only supercar competition just got a zillion degrees hotter

Brabham BT62 supercar and its naturally aspirated V8 revealed

It weighs just over a ton

Brabham, a name long associated with racing, has just revealed its new supercar, the BT62. And from the looks of it, it's pretty typical modern supercar design. There are all manner of cavities from scoops to vents, channels to grilles. It's a very swoopy, curvy design that almost looks like a Lamborghini from a world where the company focused on curves instead of angles. Inside looks very purposeful but well crafted. Everything is in carbon fiber, and the seats are incredibly close together. Ah

Brabham BT62 will have 700 horsepower, debuts in two weeks

The car will have a dry weight of 2,142 pounds

After nearly three decades away from motorsports, Brabham is back from the dead. David Brabham, son of company founder Jack Brabham, announced in February that he has plans to return to Formula 1. In addition to a new F1 car, the company will be building a new roadcar. Two weeks ahead of its debut, we get some of the big specs and a single teaser image of the Brabham BT62.

Brabham reveals name and exhaust note of new sports car

It sounds evil, and by that we mean good

It should be revealed in May.

Brabham Automotive announces its rebirth

With Le Mans winner David Brabham at the helm and a storied history from which to draw.

A brief announcement, plus the expected rumor and innuendo, is all we have to go on.

Jack's grandson Matt brings Brabham name back to Indy [w/video]

Matthew Brabham is bringing the family name made famous by his late grandfather, three-time world champion Sir Jack, back to the forefront of racing at the Indianapolis 500.

Brabham returns with open-source, crowd-funded racing team [w/video]

A lot has happened since Sir Jack Brabham went down in history as the the only driver ever to win the Formula One World Championship in his own car. His offspring have followed in his footsteps, with two of his sons (Geoff in 1993 and David in 2009) having won at Le Mans with Peugeot. <

Famed Brabham name poised for return to F1?

A recent report wonders aloud whether the Brabham name is close to a return to Formula One, with family scion David telling a Brazilian outlet "yes, there is the possibility to bring the team back (to F1)." However, the short answer to "Is the Brabham name coming back to Formula One?" is likely "No," and the long answer is likely, "Not for a while."