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Uno III transforming electric scooter pre-order list spots cost $250 [w/video]

Uno III transforming electric scooter – Click above to watch video after the jump

In Detail: Ben Gulak and BPG Motors

In order to understand the Uno, you have to know a little more about its creator Ben Gulak. He's clearly a smart guy, particularly considering he conceived and built early Uno prototypes when he was still in high school. Early experiments resulted in small fires, but that wasn't a deterrent. Brad Legault, a former computer and math teacher of Ben's said, "His greatest strength in school was always his creativity, followed closely by his perseverance."

BPG debuts transforming Uno III electric scooter

Benjamin Gulak, head of BPG Motors, is attempting to change the face of eco-friendly transportation with the introduction of the Uno III. With its sleek and impressive design, the Uno III – a transforming electric personal mobility vehicle – aims to show that green transportation can indeed be "cool." BPG Motors describes the Uno III like this: