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Video: What happens when coffee gets spilled at BP headquarters?

How BP handles a coffee spill – Click above to watch the video after the jump

REPORT: BP finds big oil in Gulf of Mexico

Even during the recession, oil is hovering at around $70 per barrel. There are many reasons for elevated oil prices, such as emerging markets demanding more crude and market speculators. Perhaps the biggest reason of all, however, is that oil is just harder to come by, as all the obvious spots have already been drilled.

U.S. Gov't: did we say $3.50 for a gallon of gas by Spring? Our bad, it'll actually be $2.50

Ah. Spring. Astronomically, it ... wait a minute. Spring, EIA forecast ...? I just wrote about this Jan. 9. As you can see here, the EIA predicted $3.50 for a gallon of gas by June, the end of Spring. Are they changing their forecasts already? YES! According to Reuters demand f

BP and AGF get green light from EU to build ethanol plant in the UK

Now that concerns about a possible cartel have been discarded, the EU has authorised an ethanol plant that BP and AGF (Associated British Food) planned to build in the north of England.

BP's Helios House: Greener than the fuel it sells

Last Friday the covers were pulled off of a brand new gas station on the corner of Olympic and Robertson in L.A. Dubbed the Helios House by BP, the Frank Gehry-inspired structure is what the petroleum producer calls "a little better gas station," referring to the earth friendly features built into the structure. For instance, the pump palace is composed of recycl

BP says new technology is needed to fuel biofuels growth

Phil New, the president of BP Global Biofuels thinks that biofuels may comprise up to thirty percent of transport fuel needs by 2030. However, to reach that point, new methods of production will have to be developed. Large scale biofuel use will require that they be sourced from something other than food stocks. The worlds increasing food demands are at odds with the increasing demand for fuel. One of the

BP puts valves on TV to demonstrate fuel properties

BP developed a split-engine display for Auto Africa to demonstrate the company's promise of better fuel economy. Borescopes inside the engine were linked to television monitors, allowing visitors to see the inner workings and the purported effects of the fuel. BP says its Ultimate fuel cleanses engine deposits and allows the engine to run more efficiently. I'm not sure if the fuel

HCCI update: Prototype in 2008

A couple months ago, Bruno pointed AutoblogGreen readers to a New York Times article summarizing the current status of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engines, technology that attempts to take the best of both diesels and gasoline-fueled internal combustion engines. This Engineer Online article<

Public Citizen report slams oil companies

Joan Claybrook and her Public Citizen group released a report Wednesday charging that the oil companies are gouging Americans and not using their windfall profits to invest in cleaner, sustainable sources.

BP continues to push its "better petroleum" image

BP recently announced the launch of a carbon offset program available to UK motorists called targetneutral. On the website, a driver can estimate his/her CO2 emissions and the cash value associated with its neutralization. Most people will find that the cost of offsetting their carbon emissions will be around £20 (about $38) per year.

UK gasoline could go over £1 per liter

A quick thrash of the calculator shows that £1 per liter works out to a sky-high $6.88 per U.S. gallon. This prediction comes from someone who knows whereof he speaks - Lord Browne, CEO of British Petroleum (pictured at right). In an interview with the BBC, Lord Browne said that prices could well pass the pound-per-liter benchmark if crude oil prices continue to

BP launches $16-a-gallon fuel!

In what must be one of the most ill-timed product launches in history, British Petroleum has chosen a time of record pump prices to launch a new brand of ultra-premium fuel that retails for nearly $20 a gallon in the U.K. (that's about $16.32 per U.S. gallon).