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Between all of the folks sponsoring and counter-sponsoring legislation to raise/lower/maintain CAFE standards, even Autoblog is losing track. The latest news is that a hearing to approve the most recent bill, sponsored by House Reps Rick Boucher (D-VA) and John Dingell (D-MI), has been canceled because the two Congressmen can't get majority support. That's the bill that would also bar states from deciding their own CO2 emissions levels/fuel economy standards. The bill isn't dead, the discussion

Just you watch, before it's all through, the automotive/greenhouse gas/environmental legislation and counter-legislation moving through Congress right now is not going to be decided by vote, but by a cage match. First, the Supreme Court ruled the EPA had the power to regulate emissions. California decided to show the EPA how to do that, and declared what kind of gas mileage cars sold in the state had to get -- but it has to get a waiver from the EPA to actually follow through on it. Vermont did