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France issues 14 Commandments to speed up electric vehicle adoptions

The French minister for Environmental Alffairs, Jean-Louis Borloo, has found some stone tablets issued a set of 14 "commandments" for the successful introduction of electric vehicles in France. Borloo didn't hide the fact that he aims to make the French auto industry the leader in EV technologies, and this is how the French Goverment is going to help:

The best of the French low-carbon auto industry displayed at the Ministry of Environmental Affairs

The parking spaces at the French Ministry of Environmental affairs was recently filled with alternative cars in many flavors. The alt-fuel vehicles were introduced to Jean-Louis Borloo, the French Environmental Minister and are the results of a €57 million investment from ADEME (The French Agency for Environmental and Wise Usage of Energy - quite a name, no?).

Le Figaro test drives Minister's 308 HDI hybrid

Not long ago we learned about the French Minister of Environmental Affairs getting a hybrid Peugeot 308 HDI (diesel) for a test drive. One of France's most prestigious newspapers, Le Figaro, had the chance to test drive it and compare it to the Prius. The big question is how a diesel engine, known for non-silent starts, could face the almost imperceptible gasoline engine. Accordin

Peugeot offers 308 hybrid HDI to French minister of Environmental affairs

We have seen a lot of lucky personalities get a hold of the BMW Hydrogen 7 for a test drive. We don't know who you need to be to get on that celebrity list, but we know that it's still a big honkin' car. Therefore, it comes as a pleasant surprise that Peugeot is sharing a 308, a clever-sized compact car, to the French minister of Environmental affairs, Jean-Louis Borloo - and this 308 is