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BMW has announced a new green label for MINI cars. It's called, wait for it, MINIMALISM. Similar to many other eco labels in other European markets, MINIMALISM can be found on cars that would otherwise be the base model with a few additional improvements that reduce fuel consumption. The first MINI MINIMALISM is nothing but a Mini Cooper D with a PSA-sourced 1.6-liter diesel engine good for 110hp. BMW also applied the complete array of techniques - longer gear ratios, a Stop & Start system,

You might remember that France has a tax rebate system (bonus/malus) for vehicles depending on their CO2 emissions. As in the UK and in Spain, car sales in the first trimester of 2008 have been remarkably affected. For instance, 50 percent of car sales are of vehicles under four meters long.

Austria is also changing its taxing system to "punish" the most polluting cars on the road. The new tax scheme, which is called NoVa-Reform, consists of a bonus-malus system that saves or adds taxes to cars depending on a number of factors.