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Jay Leno's Garage releases Bollywood-inspired Tata Nano episode

Jay Leno has finally turned out the Tata Nano episode of Jay Leno's Garage. As it turns out, the television personality actually found a way to purchase the tiny machine for himself, and the show follows the car all the way down the production line and to the Big Dog Garage in Lo

Tata Nano to rub shoulders with priceless iron in Jay Leno's Garage

It looks as if Jay Leno has welcomed a Tata Nano to his Big Dog Garage recently. The comedian even went so far as to don traditional Indian garb and hire a troop of Bollywood dancers to mark the occasion.

Trailer for Bollywood's Singham flips our lids

In a world where physics holds no sway, one cop is ready to take on corrupt politicians and the mobsters that pay them off... or something. Honestly, we don't care about the plot to Singham - a Bollywood remake of the 2010 Tamil film of the same name. What we do enjoy is watching two Mahindra SUVs playing bit parts in an action-adventure that's one part Lethal Weapon and two parts Naked Gun. If nothing else, the lead

Ta Ra Rum Pum: Bollywood does NASCAR set to music

Perhaps there are some of you who haven't found the music, dancing, passion, heartache, drama, and redemption that manage to find their way into every Bollywood film exciting enough. If so, and the addition of NASCAR-style trading paint and Turn Three excitement is what you're looking for, then the new Bollywood film Ta Ra Rum Pum is just the ticket.