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Webchat with Volt design boss Bob Boniface on Tuesday, July 28

General Motors is continuing its series of almost daily webchats with one of the people who helped bring the Chevy Volt to life. This week's target is the leader of the team that gave form to the upcoming extended range EV, Bob Boniface. Boniface led the exterior design team that created the extremely aggressive original concept and, after the concept gained production approval, he became the design director for the Volt and other vehicles coming

Volt designer "more proud" of production version

Back when GM rolled out the Volt concept, there was less discussion about its design than there was about its underlying technology. Sure, it looked ok, but with gas prices at the time headed straight up, its promise of cheaper driving overshadowed its sports car roofline.

Volt design director Bob Boniface to chat on GMNext Tuesday

Over the past week, Bob Boniface has been doing a lot of talking about the Chevy Volt and Tuesday afternoon he'll be at it again. For those who may not recognize the name, Boniface is the director of the E-Flex Design Studio at GM which includes responsibility for the look and feel of the production Chevrolet Volt. This time around Boniface will be participating in an online chat over at the GM Next site. If your questions about the design direction of the Volt or other E-Flex vehicles haven't b

VIDEO: Larger of view of production Volt, debut at centennial?

Click above to watch a video with slides of the production Chevy Volt

VIDEO: Bob Boniface discusses the changes to the production Volt

Bob Boniface the director of the E-Flex design studio at GM is in Traverse City MI this week for the Management Briefing Seminars. We already saw the new teaser shots of the Volt released yesterday and Green Fuels Forecast had a chance to speak with Boniface following his presentation. Boniface elaborated on some of the design changes that have brought the Volt to where it will be for production. The slim packag

AutoBlogGreen Q&A: Bob Boniface, Chevy Volt exterior design

Click on the image to go to the gallery of high-res live shots of the Volt