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Gov. Bob Taft of Ohio says tapping renewable energy sources can improve a state's economy as well as strengthen national security. Of course, he was preaching to the choir during a talk before the Ohio Renewable Energy Summit. Taft, who is the outgoing governor, also called for a reduction in regulations to help spur investment. Organizers of the conference are working towards a goal of renewable energy providing 25 percent of the nation's total energy consumption by 2025. Ohio is one of twelve

We here in Ohio love our Ford plants. We've got 'em all over the place – in Cleveland, in Toledo, in Cincinnati... wait. Scratch those last two, as the Way Forward plan counts among its victims a stamping plant in Maumee near Toledo and a transmission plant in Batavia near Cinci. Ohio Governor Bob Taft and his Lt. Gov., however, have just offered Ford Motor Company a package worth $15.7 million in incentives to keep the Maumee plant open, however. Ford has graciously said it will review th

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a decision by the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that ruled the state of Ohio's decision to use tax incentives to attract DaimlerChrysler's business was unconstitutional. Ohio had granted DCX an investment tax credit after the company decided to build its Toledo North Assembly plant in the state but a "taxpayer group" headed by who else but Ralph Nader challenged it. DCX sees the ruling as a victory for America that will help keep investment and j