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Rumors from various European motorcycle mags indicate that BMW is considering getting back into the scooter game. The Bavarian company's last foray into scooterdom resulted in the C1. Being that this was BMW Motorrad, its scooter would need to be different from everyone else, and indeed it was. Featuring a full roof, roll bars and seat belts along with ABS brakes, BMW claimed that C1 riders were safe enough that they did not need to wear a helmet. Unfortunately, though, not everyone agreed and l

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/general_sciences/BMW_Introduces_Stylin_New_Motorcycle_Neck_Brace_System_PICS'; We normally don't cover motorcycle news here on Autoblog, but a release from BMW Motorrad yesterday caught our attention and we thought we'd share it. Motorrad is BMW's motorcycle division, and yesterday it introduced its new neck Brace System, which is designed to help protect the spinal cord from injury in the event of an accident. It's usable with any helmet, and the way it works