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BMW offering carbon fiber components for M3

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Report: BMW M3 Sedan may not live to see another generation

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CTS-V Challenge driver and M3 owner Michael Cooper gets pat on the back from BMW

Michael Cooper and his Cadillac CTS-V-challenging BMW M3 - click above for high-res image gallery

BMW updates M models for 2009

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The future of M: BMW X5, X6 and less

The CEO of BMW M GmbH, Ludwig Willisch, spilled his guts to Auto-Motor-und-Sport in a recent interview about the future of BMW's high-performance M division. The news was good, bad, and downright dumbfounding. For the good, Willish mentioned that future M-models will include high-revving turbocharged engines, and offer ceramic brakes. The bad news is that there will be no E91 M3 Touring, E92 M3 CSL, or M1 Concept. Apparently, BMW doesn't feel there is enoug

BMW M division celebrates 30 years and 300,000 vehicles

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Spied: BMW M3 Sedan facelift... already?

When the BMW M3 sedan made its debut, we knew based on its two door counterpart,'s performance that it would be fast. But this is one bit of ground we didn't anticipate the V8 super-sedan would cover quite so quickly: Barely on the market already, the M3 Sedan is getting a facelift.

BMW dealerships pats itself on back for delivering M3 sedan to eBay winner

The saga of Ken Tanisaka and BMW of Lincoln, Nebraska is almost over, as the embattled eBay winner of a nicely-priced BMW M3 sedan has exchanged funds with the dealership and the car is set to be shipped for delivery. It's been a long road for Ken involving lawyers and lots of patience as the dealership, part of the Husker Auto Group, stubbornly fought not

Tokyo Motor Show: Practical performance with BMW's M3 Sedan

There hasn't been a BMW M3 sedan since the E36 generation, but that doesn't mean BMW has forgotten how to build a fast saloon car. The M3 Sedan takes everything good about the M3 coupe and adds two doors to the mix, allowing you to better justify the purchase with your significant other. BMW has thrown out the standard headlights on the sedan and replaced them with the lights found on the coupe, giving it a more sporting design in the process.The basic specs are all the s

Pics Aplenty: 2008 BMW M3 Sedan - desktop wallpaper-sized pics

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2008 BMW M3 Sedan unveiled!

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Official shots of BMW M3 sedan leaked

UPDATE: Truth be told, these could be photoshops. At first glance they looked like brochure shots to us, but we'll let you decide.

BMW debuting dual-clutch gearbox in M3 sedan

The expansion of BMW's M3 lineup is expected to take place sooner than we anticipated, and a new version of the Bavarian bomber will finally put the oft-maligned sequential gearbox to rest. According to Auto Telegraaf, BMW will be debuting the M3 sedan at a major Stateside auto show, likely L.A. or Detroit, and along with an extra set of doors, it'll be sporting the automaker's new dual-clutch gearbox. Rumored to be dubbed "M DCT," the new 'box will get seven forward gears that can be c